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aldortheold ([personal profile] aldortheold) wrote2004-08-27 08:53 pm

It's time!

I should be King of Rohan so I'm staging a coup!

Who's with me?

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If this will annoy Helm, I'm so in.

Despite my persistant amnesia, this makes me happy for some unaccountable reason

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I'll make punch!

*eyes you*

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Make sure it's spiked. No self-respecting Rohirrim should overthrow a King while sober. Actually, no self-respecting Rohirrim should do anything while sober.

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No Rohirrim drink beer and mead!!


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I demand that you wear skimpy outfits whilst overthrowing the crown.

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I do insist. It would throw Helm off. That's it. Definitely.